Today In Twitterverse: Reverse Mentoring @Edelman

Amanda Mooney works as an account exec in the Chicago office of Edelman.

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  1. That is hilarious. Although it’s pretty ridiculous for Edelman to trumpet its ignorance about digital via digital channels. Anyone who has ever worked with them knows quite clearly they’re clueless in digital. They don’t need reverse mentorship. They need revised leadership.

  2. i’m reading things that i missed when i was out of the country. now this is interesting especially since i am now in Chicago on an extended visit with no where to go, but… west?
    is edelman doing any work with quaker?
    that said the: go humans go :campaign is good, but it could be so much better in the digital without being tacky.
    but how things slowly dawn on me. Oh well, my exhusband told me the dollars fall by pennies sometimes.
    something tells me i know why i got pulled in the city… like pork.
    and i for the quakers, I do recall posting something here years ago: something about morgan shiss kommt gewiss ebenwenn es amabend ist.
    That’s something in german my ex used to say too. I usually cite the source, the man, and the germans for their little rhymes.