Today In Twitterverse: Kunz V. Armano

David Armano and Ben Kunz–two dudes who care about Social Media, PR and all that good stuff–got into it today, over what started as a seemingly innocent Tweet from Armano.
Note Armano’s disclosure above. Research In Motion is a client. But that doesn’t appease Kunz, it maddens him.
I have a couple problems here. One is the constant and unsolicited coaching going on in this space. The other is more to the point–there’s nothing wrong with being a promoter. What’s wrong is being a promoter with no class, taste, talent or skill.

About David Burn

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  1. um, kunz is the pot calling the kettle black. all of these self-anointed social media thought leaders are generating pr for themselves. please. are any of these guys actually innovating in the digital space. i’m not seeing it.

  2. Kunz was 100% right. Plus, when people put (client) next to a brand name, it’s not so much a disclosure as it is a self-adorning gesture. 

    Wait, this is an archive? Never mind.