Titles Are Static. Media Is Not.

Lots of people who are looking for work are asking Scoble for advice. And Scoble has copious advice for these seekers.
Let’s just look at one item he offers:

Demonstrate you are “clued in.” This means removing ANYTHING that says you are a “social media expert” from your Twitter account. There is no such thing and even if there were there’s no job in it for you. Chris Brogan already has that job and he’s not giving it up.

Now, why does the man need to crush spirits like that? There are in fact experts of all sorts available to advise brands on their communications strategies. Some identify as social media experts. Is that an annoying title with little weight? Maybe. But it also helps clients understand what’s being offered.

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  1. Not speaking on behalf of Robert, but I think what he’s saying is that trying to be “the” in a certain category isn’t really the goal. It’s focusing on a value or an end niche.
    By the way, I never use that title, so it’s up for grabs. : )

  2. Have yet to meet anyone touting a “Social Media Expert” title who struck me as being useful in creating within the social media space. It’s almost an oxymoron. Social media is run by non-experts.