Time To Cut Back On The Bacn

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a new term was coined last month at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2.
The term is “bacn” (pronounced bacon). Bacn is opt-in email from your bank, your dentist and other service providers. It’s not exactly spam, because you asked for it. But it’s not personal e-mail either.
For online marketers, bacn is the bread and butter of their business. But Richard Laermer, author of Punk Marketing, thinks bacn could be the beginning of the end for e-mail.
“Having an e-mail box will become so much trouble for people at some point they’ll say forget it,” said the New York-based author.

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  1. Call it what you want email is here to stay. Try opt-out and tell Rich to let his dentist know he’d rather get a call or don’t give out yer address in the first place.