Time For Some Gratitude

Given the high percentage of African Americans currently serving in the U.S. military, it’s a good idea for the various branches to find a way to honor that service.
The United States Marine Corps, for one, is introducing a new multimedia campaign entitled “The Line” this week, in conjunction with Black History Month.
Two inspirational stories featured throughout the campaign are those of Frank Petersen, the first African American Marine pilot and Marine Corps General and Charles Bolden, the first African American Marine astronaut and current Administrator of NASA. The legacy of these men has positively impacted not only the Marine Corps, but the entire nation.
“Marine Corps history is American History,” said Lieutenant Colonel Brad S. Bartelt, assistant chief of staff for advertising, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. “Every accomplishment and success achieved by these brave men and women is done not for personal recognition, but for the love of our country.”

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  1. What a wonderful ad! Diversity should be celebrated. It is inportant to give credit where credit is due. African Americans have a major part in the USA’s history as well as today – they should get the respect they deserve!
    My nephew is a Marine! I am very proud of him and his peers! I am grateful to have them provide me with the luxuries I enjoy here in the USA!
    Be Well.