Time For Breakfast

Leo Burnett went old school with its latest outdoor application for McDonald’s. The billboard at the intersection of Clark and Addison features a sundial whose shadow falls on a different breakfast item each hour until noon, when the shadow of the McDonald’s arches are dead center.
To turn the sundial concept into reality, Leo Burnett hired Christian Huff, a Chicago-based electrical engineer and technical advisor to Studio One East, a Chicago graphic design business that does work for Leo Burnett.
Mr. Huff evaluated several available billboards before settling on the one west of Wrigley Field, where the sun hits at just the right angle to tell time between 6 a.m. and noon.
The billboard will remain in place until August, when the sun starts to wane, but Mr. Huff says he’s helping Leo Burnett evaluate other concepts.
[via Chicago Business]

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  1. the last timeframe should either be:
    time to die
    time to take a massive shit

  2. Despite feelings for McD’s, this is a fabulous idea.

  3. eggstronaut says: