Timberland Is All Earthy And Stuff

According to Adweek, Timberland will offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the commercial transmission of their latest campaign with wind power generated in Massachusetts and New York facilities.
Billboards will be repurposed into tote bags for sale at Timberland outlets, and other print materials will be recycled following the campaign.
Havas’ Arnold in Boston fashioned the creative, while the MediaHub unit of IPG’s Mullen in Wenham, Mass., developed the electronic media plan and worked with Timberland’s environmental team to calculate carbon offsets.

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  1. But does all of this earth-friendly stuff matter?
    Two commentators worry that we might laugh about all of this over-the-top eco stuff in a few years and, since I am one of them who talks about it, I will say that I think that eco-advertising is the right strategy for advertisers. But don’t hew too close to that global warming thing…
    Adverganza had the story bright and early…

  2. I’m always very cautious when people who are not well known in their fields “review” the business of Advertising. This blog stinks of inept thinking and ego. I believe the creator is entirely void of talent.

  3. You know, you’re right. I mean who am I compared to someone as great as Neil Powell? I’ll cease operation of this blog at once.