Tide Wants To Keep Sloppy Dressers Clean

“In our new campaign, we wanted to communicate that Tide does a lot more than keep clothes looking their best,” says Suzanne Watson, Associate Marketing Director, Tide North America. “Tide celebrates people’s diverse sense of style and their self-expression. The link between the importance of one’s unique style and helping to keep it clean, bright and fresh is what we wanted to bring forward. ”
What the…?

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  1. What the…? indeed.
    Account Planning strikes again.
    Forgetting the quality of the idea for a sec, the really stupid thing is five-to-ten years ago a decent Creative team would have hit on this kind of “insight”— as well as a dozen others— in a third of the time for about a tenth of the cost to the client. Now thanks to the addition of the Account Planning Department, clients pay four times as many people five times as much money to take three times as long to come up with one piece of crappy communication that is ultimately irrelevant to anyone in the real world and can only be explained by (wait for it)…the Account Planning deck they just paid for!
    And then they’ll do it all over again in a few months. Talk about your stubborn stains. Clients of America, you deserve better. But I’m afraid you’ll only get it once you wake up to the largely wasted expense (and total time suck) that is Account Planning.