Thumbs Of Fire

Barbara Ann Radnofsky is running for U.S. Senate in Texas. And she has something no other candidate can match–a book (about her campaign) written entirely on her Blackberry.
Radnofsky claims she’s the fastest Blackberry typist in the West, and she proved it on ABC News, taking her challenger–ABC’s Mark Halperin–down hard.
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Here’s an exceprt from her book, The Dancer’s Dead:

Outside our Stephenville event (pop. 15,948) in Erath County, we were trying to unbundle a box of signs. The printer had thoughtfully bound them shut with sharp plastic strapping that cuts the fingers and cannot be easily removed. An older gentleman—older, as in he remembered the first World War—was walking by. “Excuse me, sir,” I asked, “do you have a pocket knife?” He paused and gave me a funny look, “I got my britches on, don’t I?”

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