Thou Shalt Not Navel Gaze

The Denver Egotist points to Big Contrarian by Jack Shedd, so I thought I’d drop by and see what’s happening.
Right off the top, Shedd says:

Talking about your blog is the social equivalent of talking about your dog. It’s a dull conversation for everyone but you.
Yet, an entire industry exists built around nothing more than bloggers, talking about blogging to other bloggers via their blogs. It’s a trade show for people who run trade shows. Cyclical and cheap, yet undoubtably useful to the right type of consumer.

Like Jason Kottke, Shedd also provides a bounty of links, the essential fabric of the web. Good stuff.
Speaking of links, The Egotist also points to this ZDnet piece on Microsoft’s new $300 million ad campaign from Boulder’s finest.

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