This Land Was Hand-Crafted For You And Me

AdPulp has readers around the world, so forgive me if this comes across a little too insider-American, but July 4th is our Independence day. And it occurred to me that nothing’s more American than advertising.

We live in a land where anybody can stand in front of a camera dressed up like George Washington, cherry tree in the background and say, “I cannot tell a lie. I’m chopping prices on all sofas and loveseats in the store.” Try doing that in North Korea dressed as Kim Jong-Il.
American advertising, much like the country itself, has long promised the good life to the rest of the world. A shiny new car, whiter teeth, a greener lawn. Every day, thousands of people risk life and limb to cross our border with Mexico to pursue that dream.
Perhaps we’d do a better job of planning America’s future if we recognized that we’re a nation that markets itself to the world. Of all the brands we’ve created for businesses, America itself is also brand. Every action our country takes advertises the brand internally along with the rest of world. Let’s think of America in those terms: Is our country one that provides service after the sale, or are we a bait-and-switch nation?

Read more in my new column on Talent Zoo. Enjoy, and have a safe holiday weekend.

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  1. It appears as if America the brand has been handled by Gray for the past 6 years. As a voting age American, I for one would like to put the account into review. Who’s with me?

  2. Todd, the account IS in review. A decision will be announced in November.

  3. Well, if you put it that way, then I guess the account is always in review. But no matter who wins, it always seems like we’ve got the hacky, b-team juniors handling the thing.