This Ain’t No Disco, This Ain’t No Foolin’ Around

The Tech Observer by Kevin Maney launched earlier this month at Condé Nast’s new The blog is written by Kevin Maney of USA Today fame. He’s also a member of Not Dead Yet, a powerpop band from Clifton, Virginia.
Maney starts things off with a bang.

1. This is the smart tech blog. The thoughtful tech blog. The irreverent tech blog. It will burst bubbles. It will probably get in trouble, just hopefully not with anyone who can inflict pain on us.

He continues to list seven more reasons to read his blog, but the first one is where I want to linger. Smart, thoughtful, irreverent and the wild child Maney may be, but Techmeme and Techcrunch can also claim those attributes. And they all operate in the same space. Not that there’s not room for Maney to “rock on” under a new corporate media banner. There’s always room for great content, and I expect he’ll consistently deliver it.
According to Christopher Jones, Managing Editor, “ strives to capture the intrigue, excitement, and power that attracts people to the business world.” The debut issue of the magazine hits newsstands nationwide this Tuesday.
[via A VC]

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