They’re Seeing Green In California

Here’s a spot in favor of Proposition 19, which would regulate, control, and tax marijuana in California:

Is this an argument that would sway the public? We’ll see.
You can find out more about the sponsors of this spot at

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  1. Mackenzie P. says:

    I believe this is ad is extremely effective. They took the point of view of a teenager and depicted a very accurate story. This ad proves a good point. Why can kids get away with buying marijuana, a substance that is never legal to purchase, but get turned down from buying alcohol, which at age 21 can be legally purchased? This reminds me of the “Above the Influence” commercials but shows real scenes in which the viewer can imagine. I think this ad is more effective because it makes a strong point and relates the two substances and puts them on a level playing field. I think this ad proves a legitimate point. I am persuaded to vote for Prop 19.