They’re Like Charlotte’s Wong Doody

David Wiggs, President of Marketing Hitch, an agency search consultant, conducted an interview with David Oakley of Charlotte agency, BooneOakley recently.
Oakley’s a funny guy. I tried to get him to go see Yonder Mountain String Band with me a few years ago which would have been funny. But I digress.
Here’s a bit of the interview:

Q. We’ve all read that the pitch / RFP process is broken. Many agencies aren’t even interested in competing in pitches. Do you see an alternative to this process?
A. We’re truly not interested in competing in pitches. We’d like for clients to instantly recognize how different we are from all the others and just hand us their business. Yeah. That’s it. That’s the way new business should be.
But the fact is, as cool and good and different as we think we are, we’re not any cooler, or better or really that different from 100 other shops.

Actually, BooneOakley is cooler than most. They’ve proven that over and over again and will no doubt keep on proving it.

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