They Put Leo’s Name On The Door Again

Leo Burnett once gave a speech entitled “When To Take My Name Off The Door.”
Today, as Adweek reports, the Leo Burnett name is going up one more time–in Detroit.
Leo Burnett Detroit is the agency which used to be called Chemistri.
Chemistri was the agency that used to be called D’Arcy Detroit.
D’Arcy Detroit is a shortened version of D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles.
D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles was a merger of two separate agencies, I think.
All of which can somehow be traced back to Adam and Eve, I suppose.

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  1. Poor ol’ Burnett. Their story has just been one of bad news and decline for years.

  2. Do I sense genuine lament?

  3. doc herron says:

    Goes all the way back to the days of McManus, John & Adams…which became McManus & Masius…which became D’Arcy McManus & Masius, which merged with Benton & Bowles to become…..yadda yadda…which became chemistri, which became Leo Burnett.
    Interestingly enough, Leo Burnett originally had the Oldsmobile account (back in the 60s), and the agency that became Leo Burnett was originally called D.P. Brother. McManus, John & Adams had the Cadillac and Pontiac accounts at that time.
    D.P. Brother (and Campbell-Ewald) had their offices in the old GM Building on Grand Boulevard.
    I’m sure if you looked back far enough, Adam & Eve are in there, too!

  4. penelope corcoran says:

    Actual spelling was D’Arcy-McManus & Masius before its merger with Benton & Bowles.