They Do Respect Her Butt

High Jive sheds light on this piss poor promotion from Spanish radio station “La Ley” WLEY 107.9 in Chicago.

The ad features a row of female butts and a headline reading, “25 Pegaditas.” It’s promoting a contest where listeners must name 25 songs in a row for a chance to win cash. The Spanish translation for “pegaditas” is “little ones strung together.” However, some folks (particularly Hispanic women) insist it’s also playing off the word “pegar,” which translates to “hits.” In this case, the dual meanings for “hits” are popular songs and ass slaps. Females United for Action, a primarily Hispanic women’s activist group, has launched a protest. Looks like somebody’s going to get spanked before this is all over.

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  1. just for the record, this news item came to my attention via the extraordinarily gifted columnist dawn turner trice of the chicago tribune.

  2. The link embedded in the article takes you to her article.

  3. there’s a follow-up for anyone interested.