There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Kinky

I wish I still lived in Texas. I’d vote for Kinky Friedman for Governor in a heartbeat.
His campaign, like the man himself, is completely out of the ordinary. For advertising, he’s using Bill Hillsman, the same dude who created commercials for Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader some years back.
See more Kinky video here.
Any Texas AdPulpers out there? Does anyone know if Kinky has a chance against The Empty Suit Formerly Known As Rick Perry?

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  1. I like that he kisses dogs instead of babies.

  2. Last I heard, he’s double-digit percentage points behind Perry — and not likely to catch up.

  3. We vote for haircuts down here, so Perry’s the sure winner.

  4. Kinky had a chance – maybe – but he blew it with his support for Bush and Bush’s Middle East policy, his support for prayer in school, his flip flopping on abortion, his far-right wing approach to immigration.
    Kinky is in last place (a poll from this week has him at 8%), Strayhorn is in third place a wisker behind Bell but she’s also in freefall after a disasterous debate performance, and Bell is still over 10% behind Perry but at least Bell has got a ton of momentum.
    I doubt Bell can win, but he has a (small) chance while Strayhorn and Kinky have zero chance.