There’s Money In Them Shoes

Pro Blogger has an interview with The Manolo. In said interview said shoe blogger talks about revenue garnered from the site, use of the third person and other oddities.

The ProBlogger – What are the main ways that the Manolo makes income from the Shoe Blog?
The Manolo – In the order of importance, the affiliate sales of the shoes and the fashion, the contextual ads like the google and the chitka, the blogads, then the Amazon, and then the tshirts and the miscellaneous. This, of the course, does not count what the Manolo receives for writing his new column in the Washington Post Express.
The ProBlogger РWhy does the Manolo write in the third person on Manolo’s blog? How do readers respond to this?
The Manolo – On many of the occasions the Manolo he has been asked about this, all the Manolo can say is that this it is the authentic voice of the Manolo.
The Manolo he is the Manolo, it is not more complex than this. And, of the course, the readers of the Manolo they react most favorably. One need only look at the comments section in his blog to see the response.
The ProBlogger – How much does the Manolo make from blogging?
The Manolo – The Manolo he is the six figure blogger.

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