There’s Big Money In Bad Ads

According to the Los Angeles Times, money from political advertising is filling the bank accounts of local TV stations.

Candidates and supporters are caught up in a frenetic advertising blitz, on pace to drop a record $3 billion, according to analysts who monitor spending. Most of the money is going to an old-media workhorse: local TV stations.
TV stations nationwide will rake in two-thirds of the campaign dollars this year — about $2 billion. Commercial radio, another old-media staple, is expected to collect $250 million. At least $650 million will be spent on direct mail campaigns, those glossy fliers now filling mailboxes.
Internet sites should fetch about $50 million, less than 2% of the total.
Internet ads, Wayne Johnson, president of Wayne Johnson Agency said, are easy to ignore: “All you have to do is click.”

But, but, but, I thought the Internet was the answer to grassroots organizing and political fundraising. I’m so confused.

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