“The Walls Between Art And Engineering Exist Only In Our Minds”

[via Kottke]

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  1. A noteworthy person, where i could honestly answer the question:
    “What famous person(s) would you like to meet?”
    because it seems he’s embraced doing. To some extent a compromise with the small little logo in the corner. Even so, after his flying saucer and this land beast, if he had a seafaring creature or feature to his kinetics, what a treat that would be to have fried fish and conversation with him on the beach. Maybe invite Richard Dawkins, too.
    The connection wasn’t to be solely with spinning wheels, was it?

  2. Spinning wheels? I’d say the spot is about the “art of movement” which BMW claims to perfect.

  3. Okay, given. Art of Movement. Wisdom of Movement.
    The mechanism that moves this beast forward is a type of rotating motion in the joints. A final key to he/she/it taking off was the feet in right size and proportion.
    Still, when I watch the film I see beach and water and sky. I’d love to see some work of art coming through the crash of the waves. I’m sorry the logo association didn’t work exactly right for me. I’ll keep working on it.

  4. as a followup, I see today’s Personal Journal – WSJ apprised me of the latest developments in this wisdom. It would have been wiser of me had I kept up with the movement in the automotive news. This, after I had just evaluated why I actually bought, or rather fell for, or fell in like with the car for which I did shell out the cash. And to think I wanted the option of a handcrank to roll the window down in the case of electronic failure as in the last make and model.
    Man, am I behind the times?
    Unless, yes, unless no one is counting laps, and until things come around full circle, I could be that much ahead.