Ad Sites In The Top Tenth of One Percent of All Sites On the Web

The AdAge 150 rankings are imperfect. There are way more than 150 sites (too much data) and the formula used is too arcane, at least for my incredibly biased tastes. Also, every site under the marketing sun is listed there, including SEO sites, consultant’s self-promo sites, social media sites and so on.
So here’s another view of media entities dedicated to our industry (prepared by Alexa and me):
*showcase site
One might deduce from this list that gallery, or showcase sites, where it literally is “all about the work” are incredibly popular. My friend Tom Asacker says, “Of course they are. People are looking for ideas!”
It’s also interesting to note that is bigger than That says a lot about our modern media digiscape, does it not?

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  • George Parker

    several of the sites listed in the top 50 only post about once a month. One, “Techpedia” has had THREE posts in the last year… What the hell is that about?

  • Adguy

    Any notion as to why these don’t match up with Scamp’s list?

  • David Burn

    Looks like Simon and I chose to feature different sites. Matters of taste, influence and how one defines “ad site” are all at play here.

  • David Burn

    @GP – Another thing that makes no sense is how unstable the AdAge 150 rankings are. AdPulp floats between 40 and 100, up and down like a bobber on rough seas.