The Strange Reality of Working Virtually

How much does proximity and being on-premises matter in ad agencies these days? It’s still a collaborative business, after all.

If you work in an agency on-site, then you know that proximity, and presence, goes a long way. Changes to ideas, concepts, or budgets can happen in a hallway when two or three people randomly bump into one another. And heaven help you if you happen to be on vacation, or out of town, or simply out of the office when it’s crunch time to make decisions. If you’re not the final decision maker, and you’re not in the room, you’ll likely get screwed. All too often, the adage is true: Out of sight, out of mind. If you’ve worked on something and you’re not in a place you can successfully advocate for it, are you prepared to find that things have changed in your absence? Incidents like that can make or break your success on the job.

It’s the subject of my new column on, which will be on the home page tomorrow.

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