The Smaller The Screen The Shorter The Video

While there’s a ton of hype about online video and video for portable devices, a new study (picked up by Adweek) points out that consumers like their video best when it appears on screens built for that purpose.

According to research from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, watching online video ranks just seventh among users’ primary PC activities.
The study also indicated that ads are not interchangeable from one video platform to the next. The smaller the screen, the less tolerant viewers are of lengthy commercials.
“In the media business we all see consumers that are hyper-connected,” said CAB president Sean Cunningham. “But the idea of video being a multi-device, ubiquitously juggled thing, for the average person, we’re just not there yet.”

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  1. I definitely am still waiting on an Ipod style player that is meant more for video not music.

  2. I agree with this totally. I only veiw video on my computer or Ipod when it is a necessity.