The Saga Of Marc And Tom Brought To A Little Screen Near You

Two out-of-work advertising creatives–an art director and a copywriter–have teamed to create an excellent web site, complete with public service announcement declaring, “They can’t do anything else.” In the spot, Tom Millar and Marc Guttesman are shown trying on other jobs for size. Jobs where their true talents shine, but to no good affect. For instance, Tom, ever the art director, attempts to teach pre-school, but ends up chiding a young girl for the rainbow she drew, calling it “confusing.”
This is good stuff.

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    Very cool idea. But why don’t they show some samples of their work or include their CVs?

  2. That’s pretty damn funny. And nicely produced for a couple of guys who are looking for work.

  3. All you need is one great idea, could be a reason for keeping it clean.
    Or maybe they’re old school and actually still rely on the telephone.

  4. Hell, I’d hire them on their sense of humor alone. Maybe they should open their own agency and name it “Laugh All The Way To The Bank”.

  5. Brilliant! Freshest piece of self promotion I’ve seen. Nice find.