The Saab Story That Refuses To Die

In a new essay over at MultiCultClassics, HighJive makes some very keen observations about the reaction to our posting about Saab’s “Born From Jets” campaign and other blogs who’ve taken on the issue:

Now, it’s hardly extraordinary for bloggers to critique new campaigns. But this Saab story is a little different. As pundits posted comments, rebuttals started to pop up. The opposing viewpoints gushed over the new ads and cars, reading suspiciously like the writings of Saab brand managers, Saab advertising agency executives and Saab dealers. It almost looked as if the people responsible for “Born from Jets” were firing counterstrikes.

David first wrote about the Saab campaign in October and we’re still getting comments about it. Time and again, we’ve implored marketers to get involved in the blogosphere. I suppose we’re getting a taste of our own medicine. Although with the ability to post anonymous comments, we can’t always tell a brand fan from a brand manager.

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  2. I personally think that the ad campaign is great. Seems to be working because for the first time as a Saab owner (or any other brand I’ve owned) I have had people comment to me about the the neat ad they saw about my car. Seems that the ads are getting noticed and isn’t that the main thing! Also Saab sales here in Canada and in the UK are ‘taking off’ and that is really the main thing.
    Your paranoid comments about a plot by Saab management rebutting your point of view is rather sad. Maybee you are just wrong in your opinion and cant bear to admit it.