The Right Spin

Karen Hughes can sell. In fact, she can even polish a turd, and that’s not something many people in this business have the stomach for.
According to The New York Times, Hughes is now with Burson-Marsteller and ready to pitch in.
Here’s a small slice of her email introduction to the Burson crew:

I’ve always considered myself an advocate for the people I’ve advised, and I’m looking forward to advocating on behalf of our clients and this great team. I love communications and feel my strengths are in the areas of strategic positioning, message development, writing and speaking.

So, if you’re managing a languishing brand and you really want to win, pick up the phone and ask for Karen. I’d give you the phone number, but Burson-Marsteller’s site doesn’t list one.

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  1. she didn’t seem successful helping the languishing bush brand.