The Right Placement

Here’s what you see this week as you leave the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and head into the Twin Cities:
Minneapolis is the site of the Republican Convention next week.

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  1. Tom Messner says:

    That’s pretty funny.
    Do you happen to know if they did a billboard in Denver, too?

  2. Do you think the folks addressed here are smart enough to understand the word oligarch?
    Ask Georg Bush what it means. 🙂

  3. As much as I like John Stewart in small doses, his show is no bastion of diversity. It’s largely middle class white creative oligarchs who measure funny/relevancy thru their own lenses.
    Beyond the money, they’re different from the people they’re ripping on. Also, let’s face it: Stewart and his head-writers and production parters at least aren’t exactly hurting for cash.
    So what’s left? White liberal hypocrites going after white conservative hypocrites?
    Sorry if i don’t fall over laughing.

  4. Tom Messner says:

    I used to say that irony doesn’t always work on-line or in e-mails. Apparently it doesn’t work in outdoor either.