The Revolution Will Be Televised

A NYC agency called Anomaly was started last year amidst a barrage of hype and sycophantic press releases, which claimed the agency’s founders “decry tradition and embrace revolution.”
So the entire ad industry has been waiting for the first fruit of this revolution.
Well, according to Adweek they’re breaking their first work for Dasani, a bottled water brand owned by Coke. And indeed, it’s revolutionary

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  1. How could the creative execution miss? People in animal suits, directed by Wes Anderson, and from the referenced AdWeek article: “The premise behind the 30-second spots was based on the idea that people choose their bottled water based on taste”
    C’mon, people in animal suits and bottled water. Fresh. Connect the dots all the way to the bank. Too bad the talking baby was already in use.

  2. Carl LaFong says:

    While it’s premature for me to pass judgement on commercials without actually having seen them, the idea of a dog talking about water is off putting to say the least. I mean, given half a chance, dogs will happily drink out of toilets. Now there’s an image I want to associate with premium bottled water.
    But again, the commercials could be mind-blowingly brilliant for all I know.
    Either way, the irony the initial poster picked up on is no less glaring. For all the talk about media-agnostic creative, all agencies still lust to do TV.
    And how many times have you heard an agency claim that they are boldly breaking with tradition and embracing the unconventional? Even JWT is saying it.

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