“The Rahulio” Gives “The Manolo” A Flat Tire

The Manolo has a copycat. And you know what they say, flattery is the sincerest form of imitation, or some such thing.
The new third person blogger is known as “The Rahulio,” and is in the employ of Ice.com, an online jewelry merchant.
Here’s a sample of The Rahulio’s prose:

The Rahulio knows that maybe you are reading the Sparkle Like the Stars lately and you are saying “Rahulio and the Icegrrl! Already there is so much sadness in the world! I am coming to the Sparkle to be reading about the glamour and the fame and the blingy blings, I come for the ray of the sunshining, and here you are telling me about ‘le divorce’! Rahulio, I am already knowing of these things! You must be telling me something that will make me be a smiling person!”

[via B.L. Ochman]

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