The Puritans Are Still In Power

Pamela Grossman at Getty Images reports that the Dove spot depicted above has been banned by the FCC for showing too much skin. However, the ad is airing in Canada, according to Canoe. And on the internets, obviously.
Grossman fights the Feds logic with:

How can it be that Ms. Spears is allowed to gyrate in a bikini top on MTV with a snake whilst singing “I’m a slave for you” to 12 year olds, but 50-something women are not allowed to be shown sans clothes in what I would argue is a completely tasteful, if not downright elegant manner?

How, indeed?

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  1. That’s pretty lame.
    The ad is actually pretty good. I would have no problem letting my kids see it, and I didn’t find it the least bit offensive. On the contrary. It’s nice to see nudity shown outside of its usual sexual context in the US.
    Why is it that we don’t mind showing violence on TV, but any kind of nudity is shocking?

  2. Marissa says:

    Dove is really getting risque with these commercials. I didn’t find that too offensive, but I’m a little more liberal when it comes to these things. As long as a commercial isn’t over-the-top offensive, and is well-made, I’m ok with it.
    I wasn’t such a fan of the Dove commercial that aired during the Oscars, though. I had hoped this “user generated content” would be new and exciting, but it just turned out to be low-quality. There’s a pretty good essay on Media 3.0, about that ad and the user-generated trend.
    – Marissa

  3. Not surprised this was banned.
    The establishment is terrified of real femininity.

  4. This is a great ad and by having the FCC ban it, it just shows how we keep on having this double morale, that makes us scared of our true humanity.
    We can see people getting killed, raped, -real- bombs being thrown, people dying, teens getting stoned and drunk, etc., and we can’t handle this?
    …the FCC is banning this ad and is not imposing federal regulations on ads that promote alcohol and tobacco and that are many times (invisibly but intentionally) targeted for younger audiences? I don’t get it.
    -Ron E.

  5. less wrinkles says:

    Never use soap or cleanser on your face, only water. That’s the best anti aging device. A young black guy even told me this old white chick that she looks 10 years younger than she is. That’s true diversity for you. Maybe it’s truth in advertising.