The Portland Egotist For A Day

Tomorrow at this time The Denver Egotist won’t be what it was. That’s because it’ll be “The Portland Egotist” for a day.
The anonymous creator(s) of The Egotist believe there’s a significant market for hyperlocal ad business content, and they intend to discover if their brand can play at lower elevations.
I’m honored to be the first outside Colorado to take The Egotist reigns. After tomorrow’s Portland experiment, other ad bloggers will be asked to participate and highlight their particular market.
As you know, since moving to Oregon last August I’ve taken a special interest in covering Portland and the Northwest. It’s a fertile place for creative people and there’s an endless stream of news.
In no way is this one day special feature on The City of Roses meant to be exhaustive. My hope is it’s an introduction for the Portland-curious and an invitation to further explore the creative resources here.
Wherever you live, please show up tomorrow, March 4, at and participate in the action.

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  1. The return of Burn. Enjoy!