The Pig Kisses It Better

When you work on a retail account, you have to drive traffic, especially around high volume holidays. Price promotions is one way to go, but price-driven appeals can become awfully expected. Speaking of expected, here’s a bunch of lame pickup lines…

Okay, so Piggly Wiggly, a.k.a. “The Pig” injects a little surprise and some sophomoric humor–something common to beer commercials, but for frozen turkeys, not so much. My only question is, does this appeal to moms? Because that’s who buys 10 lb. turkeys.
Agency: Rawle Murdy, Charleston, SC

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  1. Lance Sharpe says:

    wow. since when are meatheads so big into buying turkeys?
    seriously, the spot being what it is (cough), the target was missed. i really can’t see a 26-55 year old female motivated to buy a turkey because of this ad.