The Opposite of Chill Time

South Carolina gets most of its visitors in the summer months. The South Carolina tourism office with the help of Greenville shop, The Bounce Agency wants to change that with a new campaign that specifically targets Chicagoans.
The Palmetto State’s “Time to Thaw” messaging doesn’t do much for David Gianatasio at Adfreak though.

The effort includes: 360-degree elevator wraps “that literally put passengers inside South Carolina locations”; phone kiosks in which the handsets have been refitted with conch shells; and a wall of hand dryers in the Grant Park North lobby that read, “Press button for warm South Carolina breezes.” There’s actually more, but why go on? It’s already too awful for words.

About David Burn

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  1. The helicopters scream from the sky like high-tech birds of prey. On the deserted rooftop, there’s no place to hide. I spread my arms wide. Dull thuds reverberate on the pavement. Dozens of Rubik’s cubes bounce around my feet. One of the pilots says through a megaphone: “Don’t be alarmed. We’ve solved them all for you!”
    — David “too awful for words” Gianatasio

  2. Schrodinger's Copywriter says:

    Not sure about this campaign, but their message is working in ohio.
    When I lived in cleveland, dozens of people i knew had timeshares/second homes in S.C. or at least vacationed there every year.