The Old “So Bad It’s Good” Trick Never Fails For GoDaddy

It’s an ad blog’s scared duty to bring news of GoDaddy’s annual Super Bowl spots. So here we are upholding our end of the bargain.

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The domain name registrar’s Super Bowl campaigns have been a self-generated mockery from the beginning. One that slyly manages to put the GoDaddy name on the tips of tongues.

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  1. I love where they cut to the woman with big boobs and she almost shows us her big boobs!

  2. At least they’ve picked a theme and are sticking to it…? Seriously though, it’s definitely time for them to try something new.

  3. It’s working though.
    When I was choosing a company to host my sites and blogs, the choice seemed to be between a bunch of companies I’d never heard of and GoDaddy. And despite the cheesiness of the ad campaign, the site itself is pretty intuitive and easy to use and the one time I had a question, the customer service came through big time.