The Brand Obama

Today, Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President. He also unveiled a very well-designed website.
With home page links to Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, a blog, and other things to come, we’re getting a good look at brand-building in 2007. And with at least 15 people actively running for President, you won’t see better (and possibly worse) examples of the melding of old and new media and marketing than you will in politics during the next 18 months.
It’s gonna be a wild ride, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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  1. Yeah Obama! I’m from Illinois now living in Savannah – there is a local Savannah Barack group, did you know? I found it on – His website redesign is very sharp!

  2. skyview satellite says:

    Typographers take a look at:
    My only complaint is “” The “My” prefix babytalk trend is one that never ceases to amaze me with its longevity, and never ceases to irritate with its condescension.

  3. For the design minded, I whipped together a little bit more 2.0 complient Obama logo

  4. The hints of the Aqua look are intriguing, refreshingly different from what you typically see. It adds a certain tech-savviness, but is also very approachable, too. Much better looking than sites of other Dem Party contenders.
    (BTW, nice redo of the logo, Jim.)

  5. This may seem extra stupid, buuuut…the fact that obama and osama are only one letter different came up at a dinner party I threw on Sat. night. Being a brand guy, I have to wonder how that might impact him.

  6. It already has made an impact — mostly negative, and mostly among a certain type of electorate who wouldn’t be voting for him in the first place. These are the same folks who believe he was educated in an Indonesian madrassa.

  7. TODD,
    osama is concerned about it, but ultimately figures it won’t hurt his terrorist image.

  8. Death By Dinosaur says:

    Actually, I had a pretty violent reaction to the logo when I first saw it. I don’t know if it’s growing on me, or if I’m just getting used to mediocrity.
    Then again, maybe I’m expecting more from the candidate than I should. Whoever is writing his speeches is a friggin’ genius, and I kinda was expecting the same on the design side.