The Boston Guerrilla Suspects Speak…About Their Hair

They both plead not guilty in court today.

The Interference & Cartoon Network folks are the ones who have some ‘splaining to do…not these guys. These guys probably responded to some Craigslist ad looking for “brand ambassadors” in the hopes of getting a little extra cash.

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  1. Brilliant. It’s like an episode of South Park, but with real people.

  2. Mark Weills says:

    That was beautiful. An appropriate response to overreaction on the part of the cops in Boston. Why did this not happen in other cities? Well, you got a lot of cops in Boston, LA, and NYC who just are not intelligent enough to maybe take a look and see before sending the public into a panic. Throw Fox News in and you have a whole lot of dumbassery to spread around.
    I second the brilliant comment.
    Good Luck guys.

  3. I’m glad to see these guys take this on with their sense of humors fully intact. Naturally, the media doesn’t have any room for humor (which makes the reporters asking questions in this piece seem hopelessly out of touch).

  4. Surreal and sad. Who wants to move to Denmark with me?

  5. Spain’s better.
    Or France. On-the-job naps are going to be mandated there soon (phase two of the 35-hour workweek shrinkdown.)