The Anti-Pod And Indie

Portland hipsters and Sub Pop recording artists, The Helio Sequence, pulled a Moby and sold their song “Don’t Look Away” to Microsoft for use in a new Zune commercial. It doesn’t make me like them any less. Far from it. It’s a savvy move.

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  1. “Come on you lazy
    a$$es.” WTF
    Maybe it is not making the money that does the good. Does Apple make as much as Microsoft? Does it do as much good?
    Being first to market Rules as does good design and a friendly, non-threatening dispostion.
    Personally I think that current information age is way to complicated, competative and un-knowable to make easy sweeping edicts. X is good – Y is bad – Maybe you can do that with Motorcycles.
    What I can say is that on the large scale that communicatoin devices play in our lives, it is pretty hard to fool the consumer. The industry takes up too much of their time. It is too expensive and too important.
    To each his own. May the best man win.