The Fake Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Wear Socks

Every year, tens of millions of socks mysteriously disappear. The phenomenon creates social, economic and personal psychological problems that create an untold burden on society.

That’s where the Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society (L.O.S.S.), an advocacy group funded by GE Center for Advanced Laundry Studies, comes in. Let’s hear from the experts…

Just in case this campaign for state-of-the-art washers and dryers flies over anyone’s head, offers this disclaimer: L.O.S.S., its members, the GE Center for Advanced Laundry Studies and the associated organizations presented here are purely fictional entities. They were dreamed up by some very strange people who, while seemingly smart and charming, may be somewhat disconnected from reality.

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  1. HighJive says:

    Embarrassingly awful. Another shining example of digital agencies’ inability to deliver decent creative ideas.