The Data Is Upon Us, Now What Do We Do With It?

According to Accenture, “the new high ground for data services is not in location-based apps. It is in a kaleidoscope of context that adds up to rich user experiences.”

Technet, which pointed me to the Accenture study, mentions as a good example of a service that is busy marrying content to context. is a direct marketing tool that hotels can use to identify potential guests in real time and communicate with them one-to-one.

I just signed up for and it looks like anyone, not just hotel proprietors, can use the service. For instance, the service shows me that @ClicksIM is headed to Portland for #searchfest.

If I owned a restaurant or brewpub or taxi service (or had one as a client), I could welcome this person on Twitter and invite her to my place of business.

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