That Giant Sucking Sound Is Just A Draft. Or Draft/FCB.

AdFreak calls out Draft/FCB for this ad, which congratulates all the winners from last year’s Cannes. Adweek, by its very nature, tends not to be extremely critical of agencies, so when one of their editors says, “Maybe direct agencies aren’t that good at creative after all,” you know your shop needs some help.
Well, awards show entry & congratulatory ads are usually more of a circle jerk, so this might be an improvement. Or not.
Draft/FCB is about to inherit the massive Wal-Mart account. Wonder if the folks down in Bentonville are looking for more ads like this. Or, even if the Wal-Mart clients don’t care, some of their customers are a bit prudish, and pay close attention to who Wal-Mart does business with.

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  1. Geez, what a bunch of classless idiots. And to think this is what’s coming out of their ECD’s head.
    I’m sure the people in their Human Resrouces department would love knowing they’re producing this kind of thing. Hang a reprint in your office, and you’ll be called in for promoting an “uncomfortable environment”, in a sexually harrassing way. Any hungry lawyers and bitter employees care to have coffee?

  2. What happened to all the comments?? There were at least a dozen this morning?

  3. Not for this post on our blog, daveed. There are quite a few comments on Adfreak pertaining to this ad.

  4. Ohhh. Case of the Monday mocus, I guess. I should go back to drinking on the job…