Text Buzz: Wireless To Wired

According to Seattle Times, Starbucks fields thousands of calls each year from customers phoning from the road to find the nearest Starbucks store.
Customers with cellphones and mobile devices can now save themselves the call. Mobile users can send a text message with the area’s zip code to MYSBUX (697289), and a list of nearby Starbucks stores will pop back.
I just tested it and it works. Now, if someone comes up with the same system for indie coffee shops, espresso addicts will be hooked up.

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  1. Wait, where is there left that you can’t find a Starbucks? I’d like to move there.

  2. fake commentor says:

    Story, Indiana: It’s on a dead end road that leads to this wonderfully old cemetery with a plot of land for sale right next door. In the spring through fall it’s a haven for hog riders.

  3. Lewis Black will be thrilled to hear this.

  4. My first thought is that I wouldn’t know the zip code in Anytown, USA, so what good is the service. If you aren’t from a place, how likely is it that you would know the zip code?

  5. I tried it. It works. Problem is, it gives you back one text message for each listing. (I got three) not a good idea for limited text plans.
    But it’s cool if I offhandedly happen to remember the number while out on the road.