“Tell ‘Em Vince Sent You”

Of all the radio commercial cliches in the world, this has got to be one of the worst.
This is Vince Dooley. He’s a legendary University of Georgia football coach and a pretty stand-up guy. But right now, he’s doing some radio spots for AAMCO in which he says, “Tell ’em Vince sent you.”
Why? Why? WHY?
Does anyone ever do that? Have you ever said “So-and-so sent me” because you heard it in a radio spot? What am I going to get at AAMCO if I said, “Hey, Vince sent me.” Do they even care?
Somebody, please get me a client that does a lot of radio. I promise I can beat this crap writing in my sleep.
Oh, and Happy Presidents Day. I’m sure there’s a furniture sale near you today. You know, with an ad featuring George Washington saying, “I cannot tell a lie. I’ve been chopping down prices all weekend.”

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  1. Sadly, we could all write this garbage in our sleep. Even sadder, none of us gets the chance. Stuff this awful is client or station written 99.99% of the time.
    Our industry gets a bad enough rap, but in radio, many of the sinners are outside players.

  2. Did you just question the Great Dooley? Oh, you’re gonna get it now, you Michael Adams lover you.

  3. Chidog, you know damn well that Vince Dooley has any number of booster-driven chauffeurs at his disposal and doesn’t ever have to worry about something so proletarian as the transmission on his car.
    Michael Adams, however, now that jacktard would get his brake line cut weekly if he ever emerged out of his secret netherworld lair.

  4. You, know that might make a pretty interesting video. Have people in various cities take their videocams to the local Aamco and shoot the reactions of the Aamco folks when we say, maybe under the breath while cutting the eyes, “Vince sent me.” And then nod and smile knowingly. I bet you’d get a lot of confused responses to cut together into something entertaining.