TDA, You’re About To Have Some Company

Adweek: MDC Partners’ Crispin Porter + Bogusky is opening an office in Boulder, Colo., in July, said Chuck Porter, shop chairman, who disclosed the new venture at an agency-wide meeting this morning.
The decision to launch in Boulder comes after the agency’s addition this month of the $400 million North American Volkswagen account. However, Porter said the outpost is not intended to service a particular existing or new client, but to offer agency staffers a lower-cost alternative to its Miami headquarters.
“It’s critically important to keep great people and get more great people. It occurred to us that a great benefit we could offer is a choice of places to live,” said Porter. “This isn’t about another CP+B office. This is just a different place for people in this agency to work from.”
Porter stressed that the Boulder outpost will not be anything like CP+B’s 2001 expansion into Los Angeles, where the agency attempted to create a full-service office in Venice, Calif., with its own client base. In less than three years, it scaled back the operation to handle only media-buying.
“There aren’t very many people in the world that wouldn’t love either Miami or Boulder,” said Porter. “I think it will broaden our opportunities to get good people.”
Porter said the plans for July include 30-40 employees, mostly creative staffers, relocating to Boulder. Both he and agency partner Alex Bogusky will spend time in the new office, and they will also buy homes in the area.

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  1. Great – and I just moved from Denver a year ago because there was nothing going on there…

  2. I sincerely hope that none of the CPB staffers moving to Boulder have pre-teen daughters who are into beauty pageants.

  3. YEAH! Good for us Coloradoans! Already we’ve got a talent-rich environment with smart agencies, big and small. The addition of CPB should have the whole industry looking beyond Minneapolis, San Francisco, and the usual suspects for such creative firepower.
    It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  4. Bob,
    It’s a sad day for Boulder when the JonBenét case is what the town is known for. What about rock climbing? Tofu? The Pearl Street Mall? CU Boulder?

  5. What about the guy on Pearl Street who fits himself into a plastic box half the size of a two-drawer file cabinet?

  6. I know Boulder’s a lot more than just Jon-Benet. Great weed, frequent frat riots, corrupt college football program…actually it sounds like I would fit in perfectly.

  7. By the way, Boulder is somewhat cheaper than Miami, but it’s not exactly Peoria, either:

  8. Yeah, I laughed at the cheaper comment. A 2- bedroom bungalow for half a mil is not exactly affordable. At least not by my standards.

  9. Carl LaFong says:

    Great, like I wasn’t depressed enough already this morning. . .

  10. and zip code man!

  11. Ya mean kinda like a “one drawer” filing cabinet?

  12. Ya mean kinda like a “one drawer” filing cabinet?

  13. Jimmy Dean says:

    Boulder rocks, and it is a damn site cheaper than Miami. Far less crime, too, and no friggin hurricanes.
    Speaking of ‘Canes…As far as corrupt college football programs, CU should make all those Miami folks feel right at home then, no? Actually, the Hawk has a work in progress, and while they’ve only won one game, at least they aren’t being equated with the more thuggish NCAA programs these days.
    This town is awesome—take that from someone who relocated from Hell-A two years ago. And high homeowning prices, well, I view that as a benefit. Keeps the riffraff out, and those who TRULY want to live here will find a way to buy their way in.
    Or live in Erie or Longmont.