Talkin’ ‘Bout Brands

Promo Magazine breaks down some word-of-mouth numbers, revealing just how brand-centric our culture has become.

Americans make about 4.5 billion brand impressions a day just through conversation.
In fact, a mere 15% of the population makes 1.5 billion brand mentions to friends each day, according to new research on word-of-mouth marketing.
The study, conducted by research firm Keller Fay Group, is the first to estimate the daily volume of word of mouth in the U.S.
Keller Fay found that the biggest chatters, the 32 million outgoing consumers that the research firm calls “conversation catalysts,” average 184 conversations each week, about 50% more chats than the average consumer. Those 32 million, who comprise 15% of the population, account for one-third of all word-of-mouth brand comments.
“This report provides compelling new evidence about the disproportionate impact that a select group of consumer influencers have in word of mouth, and highlights the ways these consumers spread information and insight beyond a narrow area of singular expertise,” said Keller Fay CEO Ed Keller in a statement.

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