Talent Leak At Technorati

ValleyWag brings to our attention three defections from Technorati, the blog tracking site.
Jason DeFillippo, Derek Powazek and Niall Kennedy all are heading for the exit. None of the men publicly claim this has anything to do with Technorati. In fact, DeFillippo goes out of his way to say what a great boss, mentor and friend Dave Sifry is.
Here’s what DeFillippo has planned:

What am I doing next? Well it’s been over 2 years since Sean Bonner and I started our little project Blogging.la. It has grown into the Metroblogging network with 40 sites in cities all over the world with hundreds of amazing bloggers contributing every single day. Soon I will be dedicating the majority of my waking life to taking Metroblogging out of the world of the side project and taking it to the next level and dedicating the time to it that it deserves.

Making the side project the mainstay…I can relate to that need.

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