Swallowing The Story Whole

According to Hostess, “as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premieres on the big screen, Hostess Cup Cakes are trumpeting a blockbuster debut of their own.
Limited-edition Chocolicious Wonka Cakes, featuring star-studded movie-themed packaging, yummy purple icing and smooth creamy filling, are making magic in stores nationwide.”

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Native Nebraskan seeking the perfect pale ale in the Pacific Northwest. Copywriter and brand strategist at Bonehook. Co-founder and editor of AdPulp. Contributor to The Content Strategist. Doer of the things written about herein.

  • http://www.troyworman.com Troy Worman

    Wow! Sign me up.
    I didn’t become a chocolate fan until late in life. I was 31 years old when I got married. Shortly thereafter, the beer and sausage and hot peppers and canned tamales and spam sandwiches stopped and the baby making and chocolate gorging commenced. Three squares a day and a half dozen chocolate bars a week have put 35 pounds on me in the past decade.
    Oh well. If the wife is happy, I’m happy.

  • http://www.americancopywriter.typepad.com American Copywriter

    Tastes like the normal cupcakes. And I still say Gene Wilder rules.