Suspend Disbelief For The Holidays

Freelance Fred thinks Lexus is stretching a bit with its buy-your-honey-a-new-car spot.

t’is the season to hallucinate
I’ve read reports that the average American will spend under $700 this year for everyone on his or her Christmas list. And yet, the marketing people at Lexus seem to feel that some of us will go out and drop 40 thousand bucks on a Lexus for the significant other, and judging from the commercials, they expect this to happen as an impulse buy. Yes, that would make it a “December to remember” all right, if $40 thousand vanished from the IRA or college fund. Worse, though, would be the inadequacy a Lexus receiving spouse might feel for giving a sweater and matching scarf set. If the marketing people at Lexus think their commercials are legitimate scenarios, either they’re getting paid too much or they think it’s still 1999 — possibly both.

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