Surfer Dude Takes Visa In New Direction

Adweek: Visa today unveiled its first new branding direction in 20 years, according to Suzanne Lyons, its executive vice president and chief marketing officer.
The tagline, ending the decades-long reign of “It’s everywhere you want to be,” is “Life takes Visa,” Lyons said.
This marks the first major Visa effort from Omnicom’s TBWA\Chiat\Day in Playa del Rey, Calif., since the client moved to that agency from sibling BBDO in November.
The “Life takes Visa” tag was chosen by TBWA\C\D creative chief Lee Clow,” Lyons said. “He walked into a room in his sandals and shorts where we had hundreds of taglines posted all over. He pointed to ‘Life takes Visa’ and said, ‘That’s a good one.'”

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  1. Visa to revamp Life Takes Visa Campaign
    Wishful thinking.
    McCann-Erickson’s slogan is “The Truth Well Told.” But they are not Visa’s agency. Remember Dudley Moore’s campaign for Volvo? “They’re boxy but they’re good.”? Well here’s a new potential future truth. Due to fallout from the continuing credit crunch caused by habitually over extended Americans, Visa has decided to revamp its “Life Takes Visa” campaign. The new campaign’s tagline will be “My Credit Addiction.”
    My father invented The Green Card for American Express shortly after America went off the gold standard. That’s when Americans never spent more money than they actually had. He called it the green card because he said it gave people “permission to live beyond their means. Just like A VISA!” The copy cats haven’t fallen very far from the tree in all these years. In a carefully crafted well executed plot to grow the economy credit wielding retail consumers are the new serf. Dark Ages revisited anyone? Thanks Lee. Nice word play. Never have so many fallen so suceptible to the truth of so few.