Subaru Is Garfinkel’s Simon

from Adweek: After winning Subaru early this month, DDB’s Lee Garfinkel sat in his Madison Avenue office-bare white walls, an acoustic guitar sitting nearby-and contemplated the significance of the victory. The big picture was obvious: It meant a return to the automobile category for the agency that changed the ad business with its Volkswagen work in the 1960s. But Garfinkel, who began his career on Subaru as a young copywriter in the ’80s, briefly allowed himself to consider what it meant on a personal level, too. When Subaru vp of marketing Rick Crosson called, “he said the nicest thing,” Garfinkel recalls. “He said, ‘Welcome back to Subaru.’ That really touched me. I got choked up at that point.”
We need to do more human interest stories.

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  1. Clyde Hogg says:

    Does this mean Subaru will cease being the car of choice among lesbians? And that Martina will no longer have a spokespersonette job?
    The world turns.