Stuck In The Airport? SNUS.

According to The New York Times, other headlines in this new campaign from Quaker City Mercantile in Philadelphia, include “sweaty outdoor festival friendly,” “extra inning friendly,” “your flight just got canceled friendly,” “ridiculously long conference call friendly” and “fancy hotel friendly.”
It occurs to me that people who encounter these ads might not know what’s in these SNUS tins, nor why the package is sweating–something a little product information could easily address.

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  1. “your teeth just got extraction friendly.”
    “your gums just got cancer friendly.”
    no charge, guys. on the house.

  2. According to the latest research, snus is 98% less dangerous than smoking and is not related to cancers of the mouth. More and more smokers are beginning to realize the benefits of snus, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

  3. “not related to cancers of the mouth”
    perhaps, but a 26-year study of swedish snus users found that they were twice as likely to develop pancreatic cancer as non-users. definitely not “a good thing for everyone.”

  4. Justin Templer says:

    Those numbers for pancreatic cancer come from the Swedish study:
    4 in 10,000 for non-tobacco users
    8 in 10,000 for snus users
    In the Norweigen study the increased risk is only associated to snus users who were ALSO ex smokers.

  5. my bad, y’all. snus is the fountain of youth!

  6. @td now you’re seeing it the way big tobacco wants you to. it was just a matter of time and pr hackery.

  7. Like Anthony says, Thank You For Snusing.

  8. According to the Royal College of Physicians, using Snus is 90-99% safer than smoking. I used to smoke and quit thanks to Snus, so I’d rather take my chances with the much safer method of nicotine delivery. You can click here for more information on the health effects of Snus: